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Business as Golf – Part 3: Visualize Your Shot

Last blog, I introduced the golf concept of the Pre-Shot Routine. The Pre-Shot Routine is a 4-step process that good golfers follow at each hole. The 4 Steps are:

1. Analyze Your Shot.
2. Visualize Your Shot.
3. Get into Alignment.
4. Take the Shot.

The 2nd Step, Visualize Your Shot is critical to your success and is also the least used in the goal setting process. Most people underestimate the value and power of visualization.

Visualization crystallizes the goal. You are able to see and feel the reaching of your goal.

Visualization has 3 steps –

See Where you want the shot to go – Many times a great golfer makes an unbelievable shot. When asked about the shot and the pressure, they say they’ve made that shot a 1000 times in their mind, so making it in a game was just a matter of repeating what they had visualized.

Be Specific – the more specific you are the better you will be in visualizing your goal. See the color, the texture, the smell related to your goal. The story goes that golfer Ben Hogan was trying to visualize his next shot. His caddy, who knew the golf course well, suggested “shoot for the trees”. Hogan replies, “Which tree?”

Be Positive – the mind will give you what you focus on positively or negatively. Focus only on positive results. Author and speaker Brian Tracy, in his book “Focal Point”, says “Once you have a clear vision, put an X on the specific image of yourself that you most like……Hold that image in your mind until you become that person in reality.”

To improve your game (business or golf), you’ve got to know what you want to accomplish and why. Once you’ve analyzed your shot, you must see it clearly and then begin to ask how you can make it realty.

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