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For every business, you’ve got to know your numbers.   Numbers such as:

  • Gross Revenues
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Gross Profit
  • Cash Flow
  • Net Profit/(Loss)
  • Return on Investment
  • Sales by Product or Service
  • Current Customer Sales
  • New Customer Sales

Without this information, you have a rudderless ship and may be sailing into uncharted and dangerous waters.

A solid Bookkeeping and Accounting system helps you communicate with your investors, bankers, vendors and employees.  It allows you to make informed business decisions.  Decisions that guide you to becoming and staying a profitable business.  It will also provide the support information you’d need for your tax planning and preparation.

Fleming Financial Solutions can help you with the selection of an accounting and bookkeeping system for your business.  We can provide a turnkey system including computer, printer, setup, training and support.  We even have a Quick Books Pro Advisor for you to consult with, if needed.

If you are like many very busy owners whose time is limited, you can hire Fleming Financial Solutions to be your entire accounting department.   We offer monthly packages to fit your accounting needs.

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