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Do You have a Plan?

The IRS, state and local governments have a plan to separate you from your earnings.   Do you have a plan to keep more of what you make?

The IRS says that it is perfectly legal (within the tax laws) to arrange your financial affairs in such a way for you to pay the lowest possible taxes.  When was the last time you pre-planned your taxes?

Tax Planning allows you to look at your business and personal tax situation and make the necessary changes to reduce your tax liability.   This mean looking ahead and applying  every possible tax approach and deduction that is possible for your situation.

After December 31st, its too late to do your tax planning.  All you can do then is to be sure you’ve got a great bookkeeping and accounting system in place and a knowledgeable tax preparer who can make sure your numbers get to the right place.

Fleming Financial Solutions can offer you an implementable written tax plan to reduce your taxes now so that you don’t have to pay the IRS later.

We can also help you with your tax preparation, back taxes, IRS and state notifications and offers in compromise.

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